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The city of Murcia was founded on the left bank of the River Segura between the 825 and 831, with the name of Mursiya. Its monument par excellence is its cathedral, with a tower measuring some 100 metres tall and built on the site of a former mosque. Some years ago Murcia labelled the Orchard of Europe, and today boasts the title ‘Shopping City’.

It is surrounded by mountains, forming a valley. The climate is ideal, with sunshine all year round. Highlights include Easter Week, with obvious influences from the region’s orchards, and sculptures by Salzillo and other important sculptors lining the streets. The orchard is also the protagonist of Bando, one of the main events of the Spring Festival.

The importance of the orchard is also palpable in Murcian cuisine, in which vegetables dishes rule. Dishes such as ‘zarangollo’, ratatouille, Murcian salad, rice with vegetables or beans, are supplemented with meat or the typical meat or deer pie, both staple features of Murcian cuisine.
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The Roman Carthago Nova is one of the best and safest ports in the Mediterranean. It enjoys an excellent geographic location, protected by five hills and located on the banks of a natural sheltered harbour. It is a modern city that lives mainly from the service sector, particularly tourism, yet still retains the feel of ancient coastal city; one that has been much sought after by all major civilizations throughout history, as can be seen through the archaeological evidence scattered throughout the area.

Its historical heritage takes the form of the magnificent Punic, Roman, Byzantine, early Christian and Arab remains. A walking tour of the city is the best way to discover these wonders, which have been rescued from the depths of time and kept alive with zeal and dedication. Come spend your Easter holidays here, experience the Carthaginian and Roman Bank Holidays, and enjoy our museums and gastronomy.
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Lorca is known for its castle, its Baroque architecture and the Easter processions, declared an event of "Biblical-Religious" International Touristic Interest, in which characters parade from the Old and New Testaments parade through the streets in horse-drawn carts and allegorical floats, dressed in rich robes of silk and gold embroidery.
The “Feria de Lorca” begins as of the third week of September, lasting a total of 10 days.

The attraction park in Rueda, events held at the bullring and in the town square, the children's play area all make Lorca the perfect place to get away and enjoy yourself.
Lorca’s cuisine is based on hare, rabbit and partridge meat, with one of the best dishes being hare stew. The dish of all dishes is known as "migas con tropezones", made from parts of the pig as befits a very cold climate.

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